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Why I came to Tarquinia..


I arrived here in 2000. I was at the time doing a landscape design for Carlo Montanaro at Castello Farnese in Isola Farnese on the Cassia near Rome. The garden was posed above “Veio” an Etruscan Archaeological site where legend has it, was the place where the Romans stole the ceramic liver the Etruscans used as an oracle. It was prophesied that when the liver was lost the Etruscan Empire would fall. The Romans won the war and was the beginning of an era and an Empire that formed the base of government that still resonates at present. The project indirectly brought me to Tarquinia as marbles on the playground. The enigmatic Etruscan Civilization inspired my curiosity and innate belonging to an ancient culture. With the summer sun and ripe wheat in the wind, an adventure started that I never would have imagined, changed my life path to the land of the Etruscans.