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I woke up like any ordinary day. I open my mail and there is an email from Mary Jane. I have heard her name mentioned several times in the past year and everyone has been saying, “you have to meet her”. Well I considered it a message from the universe that it was time. After a few emails and phone calls we made a date and time. I waited at the Sun City Bar in the piazza next to the Etruscan Museum in Tarquinia. I always liked this bar because the name reminds me of a Tarantino film. There I was drinking an espresso and thinking, “I’m going to meet a blogger that someone actually listens to”. I like to write because I kind of feel free from thought as you feel when you read a book or are concentrating on a task that doesn’t let your mind focus on your current reality or what beholds the future. She was late but it didn’t matter. I needed the time to just enjoy my coffee and listen to the enthusiastic interactions of the locals at the bar. I’m a foreigner so anybody who is not Italian will marvel at how they are so connected to one another. I step outside to where the buildings shade ends to get some warmth from the sunlight and I see Mary Jane. She recognised me right away even though I forgot to describe myself. I read her blog so I knew what she looked liked. Mary Jane introduced me to her husband Fulvio and right away there was that comfort feeling of old friends yet we had just met. Our meeting was to talk about our efforts to promote Etruria and the small towns in the area. Mary Jane was a decade ahead of me and covered all of Italy but none the less we were on the same page. We both had a genuine passion and love for Etruscan Sites. Tarquinia is an extraordinary place filled with magic and yet so unknown. I probably stay here too because of the fact and maybe my efforts to let people know are self defeating.

We decided to go to see a new B&B ‘la Residenza i Tre Portali’. The owners, Celeste and Franco are friends and I wanted Mary Jane to write about it. It’s the best location

stories and secrets

stories and secrets

and setting of all Tarquinia. It’s less than a mile from the historical center and there is an amazing garden estate to roam around with several little private spots for reading or just relaxing. We chatted a bit with Celeste and Franco and marvelled at the views of the Medieval Center of Tarquinia. Mary Jane left a few copies of her book  and then we left to go have a piece of pizza at Napule in the Piazza near the Archeological Museum of Tarquinia.

After lunch we went to say hello to Bruno “Gnocchetto”. He’s the farmer with the artistic garden I mentioned in a previous post. After a walk in the garden and appointments made to return when the flowers were in bloom Mary Jane, Fulvio and I said our good-bye greetings. Mary Jane wrote a wonderful article about the day. If anyone is reading this you may want to follow her blog here.