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"Azzurra 2002" Piazza Cavor Tarquinia, Italy

Uderico-“Azzurra 2002” Piazza Cavor Tarquinia, Italy

I’ve been recently asked why I live in a small town in Italy. It made me pander for a few days and I realized the answer while doing a usual shop for food. The town folk are curious and perplexed why a California girl would decide to live in a farm town when most of the young inhabitants dream of living in a big city abroad. I grew up in Orange County California and some would say that it is the utopia of opportunity and lively social life. What makes it special here is my daily routine. Shopping is a social and cultural event that entails talking to the town folk and getting the latest on who is doing what and political opinions on who will be our next president of parliament.

shopping cart

shopping cart

I buy my bread from the baker, meat from the butcher, pasta from the pasta shop, flowers at the flower shop, vegetables from the green grocer(Gnocchetto in Piazza Europa),pay my bills at the tobacco shop and have a cup of coffee at the bar with a friend I bump into on the street with my personal shopping cart filled with fresh food. We talk about what we are preparing for lunch and change recipes. It takes a few hours and it is all on foot. My exercise done, I return home to cook – not heat-up my lunch.

It seems very romantic and it is. Life is just good and it keeps getting better. Tarquinia is a small town loaded with history and tradition and everyday seems like a holiday.