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“Torre Matilda, Tarquinia Italy”

It was a beautiful sunny day today and I decided to take a walk. It’s finally warming up so I think the first view of spring made me see things I’ve seen hundreds of times and appreciated it like the first. While enjoying my walk in the warm sun I stopped and chatted with a few towns folk. Everyone very cheerful and we seemed to be sharing our winter shedding of closed and protected habitation. The almond trees were in bloom and the Judah tree buds are ripe and swollen for the soon Easter celebrations. They’re glorious colors paint the new green wheat fields with magenta. Everything is waking up and the town is busy with the preparation of the “Cristo Risorto” statue that will make it’s annual debut on Easter Sunday where it is paraded around town with shooting rifles and 150lb tree trunk crosses carried by only the strongest of the towns male population. It feels more like the beginning of the year when we all start to split our cocoon and are reborn fresh to start a new cycle.